Tuesday 8 September 2015

Nissan Engine Museum - Yokohama, Japan..

A handful of photos of the Nissan Engine Museum, from a trip to Japan earlier this year.
I'd almost forgotten to post these!

The museum is in an old Nissan office building, built back in 1934.
This building was restored in the early 2000's, and was designated a Heritage building at the time. It's more than a little pretty, and I'm so glad it's still around..

Some terrible shots of the street out the front (just focus on the cherry blossom's..!), and one of the building itself.
..the S15 in the carpark is a fitting choice.

Inside, and the back end main room on the bottom floor. A little white Fairlady roadster; and a majority of the 2-or-3-dozen, chronologically-ordered, engines on display.
As usual, I'll try and keep it somewhat 80's focused, despite the whole museum seemingly steered towards the slightly earlier stuff. So not much in the way of early RB's, or a CA, or an FJ.. but this obviously didn't bother me much a the time! BUT, for the sake of this blog.. not particularly helpful..

SO.. some 80's-ish things..

Okay.. some engine porn from around a decade early and late respectively; but oohh... a late RB26DET from a BNR34 GTR, and those throttles.. that wide valve angle.. oof..

Powering Nissan's Fairlady Z at either end of the 1980's: from the S130's L20ET, single-cam, non-crossflow, turbo, 2.0litre straight six; to the Z32's VG30DETT, quad-cam, twin-turbo, V6.
Skipping over the Z30's single-cam VG30ET only adds to the contrast between the two engines above.. and the huge advances over little more than a decade..

1990/1991 VRH35Z; a twin-turbo, quad-cam, 3.5litre V8. 
..'Over 680ps @ 7200rpm'!
I loved how splayed out this engine looked; with the long intake runners pushing those intake plenums up high above the engine, and those impressively elaborate exhaust manifolds managing (also impressively!) to support the pair of IHI turbo's two feet away from the block!
Engineering art.. that feels just as good as a display, as it would be in the car..

Something a little more obtainable..?
How about a 1litre, turbo, MA10ET; out of a K10 Nissan March!

Would have liked to have seen a twin-charged MA09ERT SuperTurbo, but I cant complain..!

Moving upstairs; where there is a small library, a manufacturing-process display, and some more on the actual cars..
..and this fantastic parquetry floor!

Couple posters, alongside the books/magazines and requisite vending machines.
That ART FORCE SILVIA poster is epic... and in that green..


Overall another EXCELLENT museum. Along with the Honda Collection Hall, one of the best museum/collections I've seen.
I just loved how specific it was; as well as super neat, informative, and in a great building.

Cheers Nissan.

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