Thursday, 4 October 2012

Lightning Hachi Roku!

Turboed 1984 AE86 Toyota Corolla Levin Coupe...

Not hiding the fact its boosted too well, with this large cutout for an otherwise very neat little intercooler..

Classic Panda paint scheme, subtle colour-coding hiding attempting to hide some very beefy flares..

..sitting over four equally beefy SSR XR4 Longchamps.

Fairly hastily stripped out bits in here.
The driver gets a Recaro SR-D, possibly (looking at the cloth) out of a 90's Toyota (JZA80, SW20, etc). theres enough guages for a carpark worth of cars; Greddy E-Manage, and a rather thorough looking, albiet bolted in, rollcage.

Looks like the original Bigport NA 4AGE has stayed in place, but now supports a fairly rediculous looking turbo setup!
With the external wastegate and practically no intake, this thing would be hilariously vocal!
I love the use of two oil-filler side cam/rocker covers too.. hehe

Good fun.

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