Sunday, 28 October 2012

After a hard days work dealing coke...

..relax by hitting the town in your 1986 Rinspeed R69. The most ridiculous of ridiculousness, based on a flatnose 930 Porsche 911 Turbo.

This thing is absolutely brutal. Seriously, for when you couldn't decide between your Testarossa and your Turbo 911..

The 944 Tail-lights and Testarossa-esque side intakes are coated in an eye-burning hot pink..

..complete with colour-coded Rinspeed 5-spokes.

Inside is just as wild, and covered top-to-bottom in cream/tan leather.
The Recaro Idealseat C's have full electric adjustments, with the buttons on the lower bolsters - there couldn't have been a more fitting seat for this application.... as with everything else; these were top-of-the-line in their day.

Blaupunkt CD and Cassette units..

And that wheel. Just. Wow.

Ignoring the temporary Datsun floormat, its a damn party in here.

How much ABOVE the cost of a regular 930 this would have been.. its just mind blowing. This was a premium car back in its day, that someone who i can only assume was off their face at the time, ordered in the loudest colour/trim/option combination. Truly ridiculous.

I love the fact this thing hasn't been wrecked - it remains as a time capsule of 80's excess.

I saved these pictures off Ebay USA 6-12months ago, and hope it went to an appreciative new owner.

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