Monday 1 October 2012

Always had a huge soft spot for these..

A first generation Honda Legend Coupe, sold as an Acura in the US..

This car is a 1988 model (introduced early 1987), and great in gunmetal on black leather...

Its hard to describe exactly what i like about these so much. They just have a good looking all-round shape... and I like the subtle box-flares. Theres nothing particularly offensive about the design, and i like all the small details. They remind me of a more mature 3rd generation Honda Prelude.
I occasionally find these at the wreckers, and its a shame. They were very dear when new, and were often really loved by their owners - so theres some real minters out there. Its the unfortunate ones who get bought second/third/fourth-hand, and cant afford the maintenance, or bother to keep it nice..

My History teacher drove a two-tone burgandy one with tan leather.. probably says alot about the model really!

Funny, but the name of the car is pretty pretentious..
but hey, good looking boot-line right? :)

 Comfortable looking Charcoal/grey/black leather seats, and a large electric sunroof.

The 2.7litre V6, driving through the front wheels.
Interestingly, the second generation Legend had a 3.2litre V6, still driving the front wheels, but mounted north-south..

Cool cars, and trouble free if you treat them how they were made to be treated..
Buy the best one you can, As at this age, buying a neglected one would be a huge mistake..

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