Friday, 5 October 2012

Mark II, Interior exploration...

Small step for man, giant leap for mankind.. etc..

Looking around inside a tidy, 1987 GX71 Toyota MarkII Grande.
ah, so Grand..

Very Plush looking light brown buttoned velour..

Electric seats...

Very cool digital dash, and im loving the slatted plastic around the edge.
Interesting the warning lights have all moved out of the cluster, and onto the front facia..

Pod on the right side of the cluster, for the drivers right hand fingertips.
fake plastic stitching.. nice to see you make a reappearance...! ha

Left 'pod' piece. interestingly supporting some major HVAC controls, but supplementary volume and scanning buttons for the radio. handy.

TEMS (adjustable shock) controls on the console in front of the shifter...

Air Purifier? AIRPURI?! yes please!
on the console, in front of the armrest.

Luxury and convenience, 1987 style.

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