Sunday, 21 October 2012

Before we had the Stagea..

There hasnt been much in the way of Skyline Wagons over the years, but here's the last before the introduction of the Stagea.

1986 R31 Nissan Skyline wagon. Not a particularly rare sight in Australia (although much much rarer than the sedans), but look to be very scarce in Japan!

This one is the Pre-update model, with the upright headlights. This doesnt look to be a particularly high spec model, but I assume its at least a 6cyl RB powered model (left exhaust).

These always look great in wagon form anyway; with the blacked out pillars right down the side. They look fantasic modded too, and have as much potential as the coupes and sedans.
Interestingly, this is the first time I've ever seen R31 wagon visors / wind-deflectors / rain-guards. cool.
I like these with the full rear garnish between the lights too, as the higher-spec Australian models (GXE) had. The tail-gate is stepped down to clear the lights regardless, so looks odd without.
Biggest shame with the wagons is the lack of round hotplate/afterburner tail-lights - a skyline classic.

 Dainty little mesh wheels are simple and neat; they suit the character of the car nicely.

Familiar R31 fare inside.
I cant remember ever seeing the burgundy interior in Australia before!  I like it.
The 5speed, but lack of tacho, is a worrying hint this may be a CA powered wagon.. but I'm happy not knowing!
Lets all just happily assume this is a RB20DET version, okay? :)

And one pic of the wagon rear seats.

Good old '31 wagon.
Despite a horrific amount of seat time in over a dozen R31's through the years, only one was a wagon. Its nice to be different..

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