Thursday, 18 October 2012

Little Levin..

1984 AE86 Toyota Corolla Levin Coupe.

simple modifications give a weekend track-car vibe.
SSR mesh, no badges, no door bump strips, exhaust, and a  rollcage and bucket seat inside.

The Levin (non popup headlight) front is missing the grille, showing a cooler (oil, air?) hastily mounted in its place..

Under the bonnet, the old 4AGE has been swapped out for a 4AGZE. no timing cover, interesting looking cooler piping, and an intake with what looks like a tired K&N pod.
Unknown strut brace helping to support Cusco top-mounts; set to give as much neg camber as they can..
mightnt be super neat (look at the rad mounts!), but I'm sure its effective.

Inside you get a better look at the fixed back bucket (Recaro? Bride?) and bolt in cage.
Theres a pair of nicely aged Omori gauges, and an Apexi boost gauge - looking to be a slightly later addition. The old Momo wheel is waiting patiently for a clean-up..

Interestingly, the passenger window winder is missing - possibly being blocked by the cage. no drama if your passenger is carrying a pair of pliers, but otherwise no joy!

No radio, no glitz, all fun.

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