Tuesday, 2 October 2012

MZ20 Aerocabin..

Quite a unique car here..

A late second generation Soarer.. A 1989 MZ20 Toyota Soarer Aerocabin. 

Usually a very awkward shape with the folding metal hardtop centre-section of the roof; but a previous owner of this car has done a nice job taking attention away from it, with some very sharp BBS RS Mesh wheels, and subtle period (option maybe?) Aero..

You could land a helicopter on that boot area..

Everybody likes bright blue HID's right?! :P

love the digital dash.

Probably wouldn't be my first choice if i was in the market for a Z20 Soarer, as i personally prefer the regular coupe's roofline; but would be nice with the roof down i suppose, and its definitely different. VERY early days for a folding SLK-style metal roof...

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