Sunday, 14 October 2012

Beautifully done..

1981 DR30 Nissan Skyline 2000RS

This is near perfection for DR30's.
Very early production, being a 1981 car.

Looks to be maybe a Fujitsubo exhaust. quality piece regardless..

Sitting at a perfect height, Wearing polished lip gold Watanabe's and beefy bridgestone tyres.

Inside is spot-on.
Very plain grey interior is interesting, and doesnt look to have ever had a radio.
Only modification seems to be a 360mm Momo Retro. always a slightly odd wheel, given it looks so much like it was meant to be a Nardi Classic, but its nice enough. :)

Individual throttles, fresh wrinkle red paint, and a beautiful stainless tubular manifold.

This car really is perfect throughout. sure you could change some things, but the overall package is so thorough- why would you want to?

I just love it. would be a hoot to drive. :)

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