Thursday, 25 October 2012

Blind spot - The Celica..

1985 GA61 Celica XX hatch - with some very period correct modifications.

Lots of colourcoding going on here.. wwwhite...

who needs the hatch anyway.
or rearward vision for that matter..
This celica (and many others i've seen for sale in Japan), has one of these replacement hatches that has the small upright rear window. Odd, but different.. :)

Hoshino Racing, Impul G5's, complete with caps.
Always loved these wheels (and Work Equip 02's) Muchly. I dont think the brakes like them so much though...!

 1G-GTE; 2 litre twin-cam straight 6, with intercooled twin turbos..


Nardi classic, and a collection of vintage gauges and controllers.
Only thing i can recognize is the Apexi ITC. urgh.. i disappoint myself..! ha

Very cool.

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