Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Always something different. A cool FF Gemmy.

A 1988 JT190 Isuzu Gemini Lotus.
Definitely something different; and far from the Aussie RB Gemini's I occasionally see around.

Not the most flattering pics, or in particularly great nick (..could be the pics); but as usual, its too rare to be picky.

Loving the spoiler dropped between the raised rear quarters - its almost an NSX!

This Gemini, a JT190, is the 1987 update of the 1985-introduced FF Gemini.
There were a variety of special sports variants of this model, this being the lotus-tuned version. Usual fare of skits/spoilers/wheels, etc; all in combination with a nice 1.6Ltr twincam four.

The Twin-cam 1.6ltr 4XE1; sending power through to the front wheels.

Inside we've got some special parts and trim.
The factory wheel is great; and the Recaro LX-B's are definitely different in this light grey.

Japanese... Racing Green?


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