Thursday 15 November 2012

If you happen to be colourblind..

A 1984 SA(FB) Mazda RX7 Turbo; in a very... creative.. colour combination.

The very 70's, leafy green works well here with the pale champagne/gold Watanabe's..

..but against the dark red?!
The seats have been re-trimmed, and aren't a good indication of the colour, but you can see it on the doortrims and scuff plates against the green. Its an interesting look!
.. and green on red can work; i've seen it (rarely); but a dark green.. a dark red.. it works.

Despite being an '84 (with a thoroughly 70's colour palette), the rudeness of this colour combination is working for me! I like..

I think its those front seats (Recaro? LX?)that are winning me over - they look tip-top in that terracotta/red colour, which suits the green much nicer..

Token engine shot, as its neat.
ROTARYTURBO - and very very neat in there.

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