Thursday, 15 November 2012

Tour de interior - Alfa 164..

What a machiiiine!
Not Japanese, but one of the coolest interiors I've seen in a while. Not for cheerful colours, or fun in general; but just an epic amount of thought and edgy design. Even in (especially in..) boring old black, it looks phenominal.
The car pictured is a 1991 Alfa Romeo 164 S. the V6-powered version of Alfa's top model at the time; designed by Pininfarina, and (eventually) introduced in 1987.
This car was recently for sale in the US, and I saved the pictures off ebay USA before they disappeared - they're just too good. Huge thumbs up to the dealer for the beaut photos!

The dash - arrrgh.. wow!
I just look past the comparatively-boring steering wheel.. and am just in love with the button/control area.. and those vents!

The beautiful trimming around the cluster there; pales in comparison to the attention-to-detail of those buttons and vents.
Its like a bloody late-80's Hi-Fi unit..!

The door-cards are equally amazing. Nice stitching again, covering those sharp lines..
Check the door release.!

Nicely designed rear bench, and embossed AR logos in the seats.
Love the rear speaker boxes. 

Its funny, the interior's lines are so so square, that they make the wheel and seats look out of place..!

Anyway, its clear im struggling to put my excitement into words.

Basically; I. Like. This.

Thanks again to that dealer for the great pics; made me accidentally stumble across it!

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