Monday, 19 November 2012

Perfection, again.

Another DR30 today; and its an absolute stunner.

A 1984 DR30 'Iron-mask' Nissan Skyline RS-Turbo. Its beautiful.

...Top to bottom.
Side note, I love that asymmetrical side-mount intercooler intake.

This DR30 is in the intercooled, RS-X form.

RS X badge, and classic Skyline round tail-lights.

Absolutely spot-on... just look at it.
The FJ20ET, factory fresh.
Second photo actually shows how much the engine really should have been pushed back - I'd never noticed...

As-new red-sriped black velour. Looks great mixed with the diagonal stripes on the doorcards.

..And thats the last of it.
5-speed is just icing on the cake; on what is very likely the best DR30 on the market.
I would have prefered it in my much-loved red-over-black combination; but i have no doubt there's many who dream of this car in white.
..It sure does make it look mighty fresh..!

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