Wednesday 28 November 2012

SSR Wheels

Some vintage catalogue/brochures/advertisments from the always-awesome Speed Star Racing - SSR

fantastic 1984 AW11, complete with SSR EX-C's and optional aero covers..

The 15 INCH from Speed Star.
Years later, only the MarkII (MK.2) and MarkIII (MK.3) are still in production.

Should have ordered a set of Forumla mesh when I had the chance! argh..! :)


  1. Hello. I'm trying to get the lower image (of the rims) made into a poster as a gift. I don't suppose you have a higher resolution image, or know where to find one?

    1. No I don't.. and unfortunately I'm not sure where you'll find one either.
      Good luck with the hunt though - it'd make a great poster and gift!