Monday, 26 November 2012

Pre-update Z31.

The era where the Z had really lost its way, but I still like it.

1985 Z31 Nissan Fairlady Z. pre-update, with the agressively sloped front bumper, and none of the rounded edges it had recieved by the later 80's.

 I always liked the headlight setup on these, where they're clearly visible when down, but still are popups. The two-tone makes the lines more interesing too.

Its a shape that would have looked so much nicer if the hatch wasnt so long.
Blame the rear seat passengers; as its headroom for them that has killed that part.
shorter roof, and more angle on that rear screen would have been tops.
Large TURBO decal between the lights there. I really prefer the update Z31 rear end; but this works with the overall sharper lines i guess.
Original Z mudflaps there.

Unsure what the wheels are, which is a bit shameful; but they're nice anyway.
the champagne colour is working well with the two-tone; and those aero-disc centre caps are awesome.
..randomly useless.. but definitely awesome..!

The Fairest of ladies.


  1. The center cap on these looks like Manarays no...?

  2. Found the for sale listing, they definitely mention Manaray aluminum (マナレイアルミ) wheels....but what kind! Off to continue my search.

  3. Found them!!! Manaray Sports VS-12
    I haven't been able to find any others that have the center package like this one.
    Sorry for the all the posts...this was bothering me, pardon my

    1. Not at all! Thank you, seriously. Nothing but useful for anyone who ever stumbles across this post..