Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Had never seen one..

Something a little different to the usual!
A rare variant of the 3rd gen Honda Prelude; a 1990 Honda Prelude INX.

Although this generation Prelude was introduced in 1987, the INX was based on the 1990 update - towards the end of the 3rd Gen Prelude's model life.

It had its own Accord-esque fixed headlight front, with unique guards, bonnet/hood, etc.
Actually reminds me alot of the first generation Legend coupe.

PRELUDE INX on the boot garnish there; but otherwise standard fare..

Hadnt seen this wheel in the Prelude before. Trimmed, rather chunky, and overall fairly nice.
The silver-ringed gauges are also nice.

Just a little different to the usual popup-headlight 3rd gen Prelude; not exactly better, just rarer, and that alone makes it special.
Nice tidy car as well!

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  1. I owned one here in NZ for a few years - same colour as this and wheels too, just missing the rear spoiler on mine. Beautiful car to drive - so very nimble at speeds and reasonably grunty. I was sad to sell it, but the seat gave me back pain in the end so it had to go :)