Thursday 29 November 2012

Kanjo Racer-esque EF's!

A pair of neat little EF Honda Civics, currently for sale at a dealer in Japan.

Both look like they're straight out of some EF Honda racing series... or more likely fresh from racing around Japans Kanjo Freeway system..!

Both are 1990 cars, both have B-series honda's in them, and both are wearing what look to be Buddyclub P1's.

This one has a neat centre-exit exhuast, and an agressive wing. The interior is largely complete, with te addition of a fixed bucket seat, cage, nardi classic, etc.
outside, this originally-white car it looking pretty cool with large sections of yellow added. I like it.

Similar story with the green car, but possibly a little more hardcore..!
I love the white cage in it. looks great through the rear windows.

I like them both.
I'd prefer a clean stocker, but these are cool no doubt..!

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