Sunday, 4 November 2012

Here to make the AE86 look oversize, and overweight..

This is. fecking. awesome.

N2 Flared, colour-coded Advan A3A wearing, 1983 KP61 Toyota Starlet.

 Fantastically cute - like a little bulldog puppy; and a chassis with tons of potential.

As despite its little 3door, 2box, body; The P6 chassis Starlet is RWD - and light.

Really; how great do these flares look on this car?
.. the relatively higher offset A3A's are absolutely spot-on; complete with their centre caps.

Okay, so maybe this little KP61 is a bit of a show-off..! yes - thats the original Toyota K-series inline 4 in there..
But its only a ITB'd (or carb'd) 4AGE away from perfection.

Another car I'd love to own.

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