Saturday 24 November 2012

Seventh-generation again..

Another R31. But hell, I love em.

This time we've got a 1988 HR31 Skyline Passage; looking great in a single-tone gunmetal grey.

Being a Passage, its got the fantastic hardtop-sedan roofline and frameless, pillarless, glass. 

The wheels almost look like some sort of early Work Equip 03's.

And the powerplant here is an interesting one.
its a RB20ET; the single cam, 2 litre, non-intercooled turbo RB nissan 6.
This crossover/manifold/etc setup is as it was on the Australian RB30ET's, and I've always had a soft-spot for that heatsink crossover pipe.

Thats all really, nothing too 'special', but a solid good buy.

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