Wednesday 7 November 2012

surely its DR30-o'clock again..

A wide set of R-Type Watanabe's, that look to have some old Skyline on top of them..

Yep, its another DR30!
This Time a sedan - a pre-update 1983 DR30 Nissan Skyline RS-X.

agressive front lip, and large, polished, FMIC.

Large exhuast, and those beefy 8spoke Watanabe's.

Never liked tint on older cars; but this is doing a great job reminding me of my mates old '31..

The Recaro SR-D's; in black suede/alcantara with red stitching. I'm assuming thanks to a now-seatless Integra/Civic Type-R...

5speed, handful of Gauges, and an all-black Nardi Classic...

The FJ20ET.
Minimal joins in the cooler piping, HKS mushroom pod, unnecessary blue airlines, and cambertops.
I've expressed my love for the factory-red on the FJ20ET before; so this black is killing me a bit. but hey, its neat!
I just love the wide head, flat cam-cover, and long runners on that intake. its a good look..

Thats all for this vintage family hauler.

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