Friday, 2 November 2012

Autech A31.

The Japanese Taxi. :P
Well, here we have a really nice example of an A31 Cefiro

Although introduced in 1988, this particular car is a 1990 A31 Nissan Cefiro Autech.
Cefiro's always seemed like a cross between an R32 Skyline and an S13 Silvia - in sedan form!
This Autech car (as with certain-specced regular Cefiro's) is powered by the same RB20DET twincam turbo 6, that was used in the R32. The Autech then got special aero all round, unique wheels, and interior trim. 

I always considered them (Cefiro's in general) really neat looking. The high bootline and raked rear glass is great; but damn they remind me of the (later) Seventh generation Chevrolet Impala..
Is just that rear door and quarter glass profile.. it leads the whole side shot to look so similar.
I'll just assume someone in design at GM had a lovely Japanese holiday at some point..!

Back to the Cefiro..

Basic RB20DET fare in here; and like the Autech 31's, there is a TUNED by AUTECH decal replacing the ECCS on the intake manifold.. 

Inside, the autech got its own wheel (still in beautiful shape here..), and two-tone grey leather.
Always odd to see leather seats in a Japanese car - I don't think it works too well with their climate, or market in general..

By 1988 Nissan's designs look to have become thoroughly 90's in my eyes, but that's how it goes.
Would have looked so futuristic in 1988 beside the deliciously boxy R31..

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