Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Ohh.. a werry rice Starrion..

In the spirit of the Melbourne Cup..
A 1980's Superstar, a real GT. Mitsubishi's very own thoroughbred.. (haha..)

A 1988 Mitsubishi Starion GSR-VR.
A late widebody example, of one of Mitsubishi's greats. High-tech competition for Nissans Fairlady Z / 300ZX, or Toyota's Supra.
This is the only generation of the Starion nameplate - which had a thoroughly 80's production run, being manufactured from 1982 to 1989.

Sure it would have been dear when new; but where the hell did they all go?
Like the Cordia, its as if they were made of glass. They must have had such a hard time in the used market, going through owners in the 90's. They were cheap performance.. and were thrashed to death.
I only knew one kid with one. It was stolen, and that was that.
I never see any these days.. and its a shame. :(

This is about as good-looking as the Starion got.
Black paint, and the (GSR-VR spec) widebody arches. Those flares really look great here.

While the step-lip Work Equip's are looking mighty fine here, its honestly amazing someone has abandoned the 16x8" factory wheels.

..the 16" Starion wheels.. damn... they're maybe just a little awesome..

Id rather it have been left alone in here, but the basics are there.
Comfy looking seats, a Momo wheel, and expected Auto shifter.

Busy. Very busy.
Being a later production car (1988), this Starion has the Turboed 2.6ltr SOHC Astron 4; Although earlier cars had the popular 2litre 4G63 (again in single-cam form). Power was always sent to the rear wheels.

Overall its an always-cool car. They look great, go well, and are rare. 
Its surprising they're not more popular these days, but I guess that's not easy when there's so few around.

Wonder when I'll see one next..
..I reckon I'd settle for simply seeing a Cordia..!

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