Saturday, 22 September 2012

60 Series - offroading in style..

One of my Favourite 4WD's from this Era - the 60 Series cruiser..!

This one a 1989 FJ62 Toyota Landcruiser VX - looking shaaaaarp in gunmetal grey.
Second last year for this model.
Its the front-end on these that i like so much. those 4 square headlights look great  Nice sharp lines, and squared-off wheel arches never hurt..!

I usually like them a little more standard and luxo 80's modded... bbbbut, hard to look past the colour/wheels/tyres/height on this one..

This one has the large split tailgate, but was also available with barn doors if you liked...

Inside with have Recaro LS-C's, and a single sunroof. No complaints here..!

and one last shot..


  1. Hey! Where did you get the clear light covers for the auxiliary headlamps and side marker lights?

    todd.cronin at gmail

  2. What size tyres are those? Has the truck been lifted?

    1. Sorry, dont know any specifics here.

      I come across these pics when the cars are for sale on Japanese car sales websites; sharing anything interesting, as once the cars are sold the pics are gone.
      This would have been for sale a good 18months ago, and is very likely now with a new owner.