Saturday 29 September 2012

One of my favourites - The Weirdness, the Vortex..

1987 Subaru Alcyone VR.
Known around the world as the XT, or Vortex. These cars are wild..!
The styling is so bloody out-there.. that by the time they were introduced in 1985, they were probably already dated. 
The Vortex/Alcyone/XT were powered by an NA flat four, Turbo four, or early flat 6.

This particular car is a VR model, so has the Turbo H4...

The wheels on this car give me a very Lancia Stratos vibe... especially with the lights up..

Its always interesting to see these in the 'metal'.
They're so slim around the waist, with a high ride-height, and very tall glasshouse.
I've occasionally seen them at the wreckers over the years, and always great to have a fiddle with. The doorhandles are fantastic, with a lower section that flaps down out of the way when you go to lift the top section. very flush..!

Not to mention the asymmetrical wheel!
The Interior on these is a bloody party.. your very own spaceship..
Im fairly sure these were available with a digital dash too, but I'd probably crash if this interior went too far!

Shame about the blue floormats..
..but.. have a look at those seats! that fabric! argh!!

Reminds me alot of the Porsche Pasha velour.. which is coincidentally also phenominal...! hehe

I feel I have to post a pic of the Turbo four for reference, but goddamn, Subaru's have the ugliest engine bays I can find.
Having a flat engine configuration forces all the accesories up to the centre, so opening the bonnet just reveals such always-attractive components as the alternator, power steering pump, etc..
But, again, i suppose the low bonnet line has that flat 4/6 to thank!

Subaru Vortex/Alcyone/XT. Classic.

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