Monday, 3 September 2012

and now for something completely different..

A 1988 Isuzu Piazza Nero Irmscher.
yep, a bloody Isuzu Piazza.

known in Australia as a Holden Piazza... a car i can safely say i have never, ever, ever, seen in person. what a shame.
was a red Holden Piazza for sale a while back for not a whole lot of money. other than a little pain in finding Piazza-specific parts, you can guarantee you'll never see another one in traffic!

 Interestingly, the car is something really different, with a heap of interesting details all over.
somewhat awkward looking, with the long bonnet/hood and cabin sitting well back. like an odd 80's 4seater Jaguar E-type..!
love the recessed individual headlights though.

I really don't know much about these cars, but you can see here its a Turbo SOHC 4cyl. In this case its a 2ltr. The Piazza was available in turbo and non-turbo, and always driving the rear wheels.
Like everything in that period, its not overly powerful by today's standards; but more than enough to get it moving!


Despite the always slightly disappointing automatic trans, this one is beautifully original inside.
Loving the switchgear around the steering-wheel, and that awkward vent to the upper-right of the wheel! I like the slatted detail between the vents on the dashboard too, and the padded upper doorcards continuing all the way up to the glass.
Can also see the solid-headrest Recaro LX-B's, and a 4-spoke Momo wheel. The bucketed rear seats look great with the matching Recaro trim. The same seat/trim and wheel was available in other period Isuzu's from memory.

One last shot. looking handsome in dark-blue, wearing some period SSR/Watanabe RS-8 knockoff Black Racing's.

This particular car is for sale in Japan at a dealer for practically nothing (something like 100,000yen). hopefully someone buys it and keeps it going. its made it 24years already, and it would be a shame to lose another one off the worlds roads.

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  1. It looks like it has an Irmscher (european Opel tuner) package of spoiler, wing, steering wheel, and so on.The steering wheel is very similar to the Omega Lotus (which is from the same year), which is also from the GM Family.
    In many cases Isuzus/Holdens shared plataform/parts with Opel cars.