Friday, 28 September 2012

Aye Aye Sixty Three.. The Carina..

Very cool, unassuming Toyota sedan..

.. A modified 1983 AA63 Toyota Carina.

very agressive front lip, cooler, and intake tubing...

Very nice, SSR Formula mesh. bloody spotless..

Safe to say, the cooler on the front gives you a good idea something interesting is motivating this Carina..
1983 onwards Carina's were available with the very early Bigport 4AGE; but that looks to have made way for the much later 20V 4AGE seen here.
This has then been fitted with a high-mount Turbo, a nicely done intake manifold, and equally neat looking intake/intercooler hardpipes.
shame its a little grubby, as a bit of detailing in here would go a LONG way..! :)

inside we've got a Nardi Classic, Apexi power FC, couple nice HKS guages, an interesting Mine's Exhaust temp meter, and a sweet little leather jacket hanging around the mirror..
..cos, you know, you gotta have one of those..! :)
Drivers seat looks to be an early Recaro of some sort, and the passenger seat possibly plucked out of the AE101 Corolla the engine came from. The Fabric looks familiar anyway...

Cool car, and would most likely bloody hammer!

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