Friday 21 September 2012

F30 Leopard..

Dont see many of these - on the internets, in pictures, etc..
... and never seen one in person.

1983 F30 Nissan Leopard 4dr hardtop sedan.
F30 was the first of four generations of Leopards, spread over 20 years.

This one looks insane in black. so slim, so long..
Loving the sloped front alot, with that great lower bumper area. Looks just as cool from the front as it does from the side!
The rear quarter glass area is just odd. The short wheelbase looks to be the blame for that. its pushed the rear doors forward, which has then made that quarter glass just seem bigger..!

No issues here..
SSR Mesh, in a sort-of primer grey..!
Step lip looks perfect, and the sizing is just right...

The rear lights are strangely plain, but their large size and big blocks of colour would've looked fresh for 1980.
The vent looking pieces on the ends of the lights look cool.

I like the large format of the clock, and the trim between the vents on the passenger side.

Really cool cruiser overall.
laid-back styling, good colour, great wheels, and different.
I like.

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  1. I wonder, is that a decorative dial on the glove box, or possibly the first combination locked box?