Thursday 27 September 2012

The F31 Leopard..

The always sharp looking F31 Nissan Leopard Coupe..

This particular white on grey example is a 1988. 3rd year of production for a model introduced in 1986. The Second generation of Leopards, and the Toyota Soarer's natural enemy.
This car is a high spec'ed model, with the quadcam VG30DET...

Not totally sure why these seem SO popular in Japan.. some of them are serious coin..
Its a Handsome car for sure though. pretty much inoffensive in every way, with the most daring detail being the tail-lights..!
What look to be R31 skyline mirrors are screaming out to me..!

The stock wheels are neat. remind me of a simpler version of the teardrops used on same period S13 Silvia's.

You're not going to forget this is high-end 80's Nissan in here!
damn.. where to start..!
1. that dash. eee! its so flat, so vertical, so upright..! it looks as though it could have been pulled out of a Van or truck.. as if you'd struggle to see over it! definitely unique.
2. I see digital dash. always much, much love. I shamefully havent got a picture of it on..
3. We've got the Sony TV (?) unit..
4. Adjustable shock switch.
5. Climate control, which looks to have forced that clock onto the glovebox area?!
6. ...yep, clock in front of the passenger?!?!!
7. Burgundy velour..
8. furry factory mats.. with.. tassels??
9.. deep breath.. The Auto Changer Cassette Stereo, mounted in the console area. (!!)


again, interestingly,  lots of R31 bits in that interior - switches, vents, locks, shifter, handles, etc..

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