Saturday, 8 September 2012

I'm only sad I havent got better photos..

But here is one of my ABSOLUTE favourites...

The CA72 Suzuki Alto WORKS RS-X
A car that completely sums up 80's Japanese cars in Kei form.
Tons of tech, light weight, and rediculous aero. Just look at that spoiler...!

They usually have better decals than this particular car. I can only assume it was revised at some point, or this one has been repainted and lost the originals.

 Specific RS WORKS wheels..

Very high-tech for its day.
Only 3 cylinders; but a twincam head with 4valves per cylinder, and an air-to-air intercooled turbo, all driving the front wheels through a 5-speed manual.
Amazingly a 4WD version (Alto Works RS-R) was also available, but loses a little charm to me due to weight.
Yes, this little Turbo Suzuki weighs an epic 600kg. I'd honestly feel guilty having a big lunch..!

Fantastic RS WORKS badged 4 spoke wheel, and great pattern on the seats. The buttons/rings in the seats are odd, but original!

This interior was also available with pink details (rather than the blue).
I'd take the pink purely for the ridiculousness..

 RS WORKS on the seatbelts. just farking excellent.

The little rings in the doorcards around the window-winders are cute..

Great rotary knob switches on the sides of the cluster.

But time to get a little closer to the monitor..

..That's a factory 12,000rpm Tacho.


It has rear seats, but probably wouldnt reccomend using them.
I think there's a pretty solid chance you'll notice the affect on performance with a full carload of people...

Chunky Speaker boxes - a period touch.

I would barely hesitate at the chance to own one of these.

I'll no doubt post more pics again with the next one i see for sale. This one went on the market around the start of the year from memory, and is long gone.

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