Sunday 16 September 2012

Twice the Mark a Chaser could ever be..

Always fun, and a very popular look for these.

This 1986 GX71 Toyota Mark II is done in the usual mild shakotan style.
Front lip spoiler, Air horns, and wide Hoshino Racing G5's..

 Pillarless - and i love the blacked out C-Pillar on these..

Over-the-top exhaust, bent up numberplate/tag, and C10 Hakosuka Spoiler with Bridgestone sticker..
(which is hilarious when they don't look like any Bridgestone i recognize..!)
They usually have an under-spoiler when the Hako wing is used.. maybe it got smashed off running over a twig. (!) hehe.

Buttoned burgandy velour... everywhere. its so seedy, and i love it!
This car is unfortunately a non-turbo 1GGE, so misses a few bits (and the Digital dash); but bonus points for the 5speed!

Currently for sale at a dealer in Japan.
There are half-a-dozen others done in a similar style to choose from!

..Including this one - a 1986..
That colour combo. argh.. beautiful!

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