Friday 7 September 2012

The Fairlady 200ZR..

Doing Nissan in 1987 in style.

Final shape of the Z31 300zx/Fairlady Z
always liked the tail-light treatment on these; how they dont wrap around to the sides whatsoever.

classic 80's - Targa tops.
Mirrored in this case!

can still see out fine though!
mm.. can practically feel them leaking just looking at it!

Targa's out - who needs rigidity!

loving the pattern on the cloth.

factory wheel looks great.

Gauges. probably not ideal over there, but look great facing the driver
classic Nissan fake stitching moulded into the dashpad. ha!

Awesome factory stereo and HVAC controls.
Power Aerial! wew!
Fairlady Z badge on the console is nice and subtle.

Redtop RB20DET, with top-mount intercooler.
cant complain about response with intercooler piping that short!

great car.
see less and less of them nowadays.

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