Thursday 13 September 2012

The beige Autech..

1988 R31 Nissan Skyline GTS Autech.

The Autech R31, based on the GTS-X coupe, was one of a couple special R31's.
It seems like many of these Autech's have survived - but that may be because they always look exactly like this one. This colour, these wheels, and often well cared for.
This particular car is especially clean.

This is based on the update HR31 coupe, as all the Autech's were.

They got the updated tail-lights with the clear cover's, plus a matching centre garnish (note how the lines in the lights continue beautifully into the garnish there!)

 Plus the much prettier projector headlights and update grille.

Under the bonnet here we have an Autech-detailed RB20DET.
Looks to have also got remote-adjustable shocks, but since i cant see a button on the dash - maybe large strut-bar end caps?!

Tuned by Autech badge on the intake manifold, which from memory is replacing an ECCS badge on the regular RB20DET.

The strangely popular Japanese genuine seat cover things. very nanna-esque..

Autech-Specific wheel, in beautiful shape.

All very neat.

Love the 31's.

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