Wednesday 5 September 2012

oh yeah.. typical tough guy car here..

Well maybe not - but i couldnt give a shit.
Fkn cuuuuute. :P

A Honda City cabriolet. reminds me badly of the old Mazda 121 (Demio) Funtop!
The City-Turbo style widebody is doing a great job seperating it from the Funtop fun-two-fun.

With box flares like that - its practically an E30 M3! :P

288GTO, F355, 458 Italia, City Cabriolet.
Pininfarina's finest work.

...well maybe not.. but those round headlights - awww..!

interesting detail - i would have put money on that tailgate dropping down.

anyway; fkn sweet little car, and the bright blue is perfect.


  1. Hey, RdS! I love this car because of its great features as well as perfect appearance.

  2. thank you. it is great for travelling by car