Wednesday, 26 September 2012

No AE86 here. The TE71 Levin..

1982 TE71 Toyota Corolla Levin. lightly modded, and looking sen-fkn-sational..

SO nice..
Fantastic high two-tone, SSR MKII's, awesome front lip, cool exhaust, and its clean!
not so sure about the mirrors that look to be plucked off a motorbike, but thats sure-as-hell not going to be a deal-breaker.
Wish this model had the E7/T18 slim little chrome bumpers, but eh, the colourcoded units on this one just makes it look more mid 80's... and thats fine by me!

The Recaro LX-D's and Momo wheel (looks to be a Montecarlo..) are nice, but it wouldnt hurt to chase down an original carpet and mats, console, shifter etc. Just neaten things up a little in here.. which is interesting seeing how spotless it is outside.
Another small shame is the loss of the original trim off the front seats... as you can almost see how good it would have been when you see..:
..the back seats.
racing stripes through blue velour makes me happy. haha

Motivation for this TE71 is the beautiful 2T-G.. Toyota's go-to twincam 4cyl prior to the 4A-GE.
Odd seeing the empty distributor sitting there..!

One last shot of the SSR's. love them.

People Collection, of course.. (!)


  1. i just got a 1982 te72 corolla cant wait to do some minor adjustments. its a been parked 14 years and fired right up with a battery and starting fluid. follow me on instagram four_dub

  2. Hi Bro where can i get part for toyota TE 71 example front bumper drill and headlamp. Tq