Thursday 20 September 2012

Last one, I swear! Another special '31..

The TommyKaira M20. Another special variant based on the update HR31 Nissan Skyline GTS Coupe.
The only sad part here is its not an M30 - the very special RB30DE (!!!!) version.

But The M20 is visually special anyway, and look great with the little touches on the signature dark blue.

Has the regular Skyline GTS AutoSpoiler in the down position..

 ..but a unique spoiler/wing on its tail.

Unique wheels too.

Neat underside, Adjustable Nismo shocks, and the Twincam TommyKaira detailed RB20.

The special Tommy Kaira wheel looks great.

All up, a very clean car. Just a little more special than your regular GTS coupe.

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