Wednesday, 5 September 2012

The rotary turbo sedan..

Again, another car that i haven't seen this clean for a loong time.
Well, not exactly this, but similar!
Im talking the HB Mazda 929 - Mazda's 80's luxury barge spectacular. available in coupe and sedan, both powered in Australia by a simple SOHC 4cyl. 
We missed out.
..Japan got theirs in the proper Cosmo, Turboed rotary form!
Odd we didnt get it in rotary form really; since we sold the rotary RX7 here, and sold the previous Cosmo rotary (RX-5) form, alongside the 4cyl variant.
Boo on Mazda, as high-end sedan's need a somewhat special drivetrain. Regardless, they sure managed to sell them anyway!
I occasionally see these (929's) at the wreckers, and still some about on the street.

Love the look of this particular car anyway. very late days for guard-mounted 'fender'-mirrors, and not sure whether the privacy tint is original. The phone dial wheels rock my world.
Not sure whats going on with the black trim around the car, as its the only thing holding the car back from being a real minter. its just a little sad and blotchy.
I'd personally fix that by getting the bumper strips redone in a gloss black. would tie it in nicely with the black tail-light treatment.

and inside?

beautifully dated as expected!
loving the big button-pod unit around the cluster, and the vent placed low in-front of the window controls.
somewhat odd seeing the lack of digital dash (would have expected, really); and that headunit is absolutely killing the centre console for me. shame, as it would have had a pretty cool stock unit. easy fix though!

and here is the part that badge on the boot shouts so loudly about:
..the rotary turbo!
I spy some adjustable suspension/shocks there. also interesting how far the radiator is spaced back to meet the little rotary.

overall just a cool old cruiser.


  1. My father had one when I was younger.
    with the digital RPM Guage and adjustable suspension.
    But different wheels and red interior though.
    it was the best