Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Not exactly Japanese, but very Japan..

A 1980 Koenig Ferrari 308 GTS.
Its bloody sensational.

Interesting that although its an Italian car, tuned by a German company; it perfectly suits (from what I understand) Japanese buyers. They seem to love modified/unique cars - from factory specials to all aftermarket parts.

I saved these pictures off goo-net or carsensor, around 18 months ago. looks like it was a dealer called TR Garage. Really nice pics thanks to them.

Love these mirrors.

very aggressive flares on this 308..

..Filled perfectly with the awesome Koenig wheels.

 Interesting, seeing what looks like a fuel flap cutout on both sides. perhaps even a spot for extra vent outlets.. or maybe just for design's sake. i have no idea..!

Nice stainless muffler with quad tips.

love the roof spoiler too..

And inside, classic Ferrari..
Momo wheel, 10,000rpm tacho, and the [insert unused positive verb here] gated shifter.

Koenig club of Japan sticker on the ashtray there.

And again, beautiful photos.

If only i had the money. Unfortunately for me, i can see at this stage i never will! 
Ah well, at least there's pictures. :)

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