Friday, 7 September 2012

Things existed pre-EG..

1989 EF Honda Civic.
 It may not be an SiR, but  this 25X sure is clean..

Nice and simple on the outside. these came with neat little spoilers, neat twin chrome tips, and well.. neat overall! 
not sure whats going on with the Californian plates though!

The inside does a much better job showing just how minty this car is.
the factory mats are brilliant..
and spread perfectly into the rear. the cutouts around the seat rails is fkn attention-to-detail!
the seat pattern is great here. the subtle red pinstripe adds a small something.
interesting how large the doorjam actually is. the narrow, shallow, sills; plus the door opening that goes right up to the underside of the dash. interestingly good accessibility..
The flat area on top of the dash (complete with raised front edge) is nicely convenient too.

The last couple photos also show off the large flat section that wraps right around the top of the interior. starting at the top of rear passenger trims, onto the front doorcards, and kicking up to the dash. its shithot!

Climate control (AUTO AIRCON!) and a Honda alpine/gathers tapedeck
wonder where the ashtray went..?

And for good measure, the boot/trunk/least-favourite-friend area.
boring in there, but super neat.

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