Monday, 24 September 2012

Prelude to a Prelude.. but not the original Prelude..

One of Honda's more popular entries into the 80's sportcar (sports coupe..) market.

Introducing a very clean, very original, 1984 AB Honda Prelude EX.
Second generation for the Honda Preludes,  introduced a year earlier.

Damn these were common only years ago. very rare to see a second generation car on the roads nowadays.. but this lucky example has survived cruising around the roads of NSW for 28 years.

My sister had one similar years ago; Hers being an injected 1986 SI in ice blue.
blue.. everything..!
By 1986 this model had become completely colour-coded, and had full faced mesh wheels.. but i think i prefer the colour broken up with the black plastic, as it is here..

There was a couple of interesting details on this model Prelude i always loved..
The forward opening bonnet/hood; the single windscreen wiper (with the longest blade this side of a bus!) and the 'squishy' rear spoiler.
..aah.. the 80's cushiny spoilers. How many damn cars had these?!!

Subtle herringbone pattern in the seats, breaking up as much blue as i remember.
much more handsome than the blue velour in the SI i remember..!
Could never forget those backrests - bloody E.T..!

not overly powerful, but very cool.
12valve, 3 valve per cylinder, 1.8L A18A I4; and those twin carbs!
(serious looking leads on there for some reason..!)

less than 100,000km, very tidy, and not even $5000. This little Honda's time will come one day..

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