Tuesday, 18 September 2012

The Gemmy..

Now this I'm really liking..!

Facelift, 1981 Isuzu Gemini sedan. Super tidy, and looks tops in black!

The basic car is similar to the Aussie TE Holden Gemini.. but hell, these were sold in many markets.
We never had the round headlights in this front.. and im not sure i miss them. look odd against the square grille, but i can EASILY forgive for this car...!

Gemini's all need these fender mirrors. they're great...

The Isuzu wheel's are epic. Love the steps on the end of the spokes.
Had never seen these wheels before..

The Isuzu wheel is gorgeous. I dont even know if its original.. but it looks great..
That wheel, and the very-forward shifter reminds me of Alfa's heavily..

AAaaaaargghhhh.. aaargghh..!! Waaaaant..!
That interior..! Its a stunner..
the black vinyl, with cloth gutted off the inside of a picnic basket. Just great.
the mats are also great. they look to be vinyl, but the orange highlights really give them a little extra. Little details.. you can see that Gemini is written 3 times, but one is coloured. I also like the raised rear seat-backs

Spotless right round.
1981 Gemini, like new.

I'd love to own this car, seriously. :)

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